my style

Wanna know the best part about working with your best friend?  You actually look forward to work every weekend :)  The two of us have been inseparable since 2008 - and we are convinced we have the best job in the world.  Being creative comes naturally for us, in very different ways.  Jenni takes a more romantic approach with big, fairytale captures - and Jess tends to be more about the quick catch moments and emotions that go unnoticed.  Together we *love* the excitement of shooting a wedding.  The ability to take timeless photos of your biggest day is such an honor; and beyond that we like to push each other for unique angles and approaches to your day.  Every wedding starts with us in a Starbucks drive-thru -- having a front seat dance party.  From there, whether your wedding is on the beach, in a barn, or on top of The Mandarin Boston ... we're ready for it.